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Job Transfer

Do you need to move because of a job change?   While furthering your career or getting a new job can be exciting, the process of actually moving is sometimes stressful and overwhelming.   You have to pack, market and sell your home, and coordinate everything with your new job.   To make the process as simple as … Continued

House Condemned

Is your property at risk of being condemned?   Maybe it’s the home you live in, maybe it’s a home you own but haven’t seen in a while, or maybe it’s a property that you recently inherited…  Whatever the case, homes get condemned when a government entity determines that the property is no longer fit to … Continued


Does your house have mold?   Not only can mold damage your house… it can also make the people living there sick if it’s not taken care of.   At the same time, finding the mold and getting rid of it can be tedious and expensive.   At RIDE Property Solutions, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners deal … Continued

Vacant Property

Dealing with an abandoned home in your neighborhood?   It can be frustrating.   Not only do abandoned homes become an eye-sore in the community, but they also can attract squatters or unsavory characters to spend time in the neighborhood.   But you’re just a member of the community — you’re not the owner of the home.   Can you do … Continued

Code Violations

Trying to sell your house with code violations?   Ugh.   Maybe you can’t list your house on the MLS because it’s in disrepair and you’re probably ALSO worried about getting fined for code violations…   Here’s what you should do…   Estimate Repair Costs — If you’re going to sell your house and you can’t afford to make all … Continued