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What Others Say…

We hold ourselves to a high standard. We strive to earn and retain a positive reputation in our community.

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We quickly found ourselves in a situation and you offered the solution.”

“There was a hole in the ship. By the time we discovered it, it was too late. At least we thought so. You helped us abandon the sinking ship and safely get back on our new route.”

– The McCleary’s

We have had enough and decided it was time to go.

“The timing could have been better. Thank you for the quick action and fair offer. We were ready to GO and 7 days later we were on our way. There is no way we could have done this any other way without putting in hours of work that we did not have.”

– Charles & Mary C.

My investment was costing me

“I originally purchased this property as an investment. Quickly the tables turned and I found myself losing money every month. Costly repairs and rising expenses. I was able to sell the property with the tenants still in the home. Good luck with the home. I am thankful to be able to exit it without losing more.”
– Stephanie S.

“We walked away with cash in hand.”

“After our Parents passed away we were left their home. I underestimated the amount of tension it would cause between my brothers and me. Everyone expected something other than the other. No one had time to take on the project. The house needed updating, a new roof and to find a home for so many things left behind. Thank you for the easy transaction.”

Collin W.

“We are able to start over because of you”

“The amount of problems and stress this removed from our life is hard to put into words. Our bills were piling up, utilities had been threatened to be turned off, we felt stuck. We needed help and we needed it quick. RIDE Property Solutions had us out of our once home turned nightmare in a matter of days after we went under contract.”

– Rob and Tricia E.