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Now is a great time to sell your house!

Now is a great time to sell your house! Demand is still incredibly high, with low inventory and a housing shortage across the country. Even with a rise in interest rates, property is still selling at record speed in most areas in many states. The houses that aren’t selling? Well, they’re the usual ones… Even … Continued

Thinking of selling your house to a family member?

Thinking of selling your house to a family member? There are a few things you need to take into consideration before making this decision. Selling your home to a family member can be a great way to keep the property in the family, but it’s not always the best financial (or relational) decision. Here are … Continued

Fixing Code Violations

Does your house have code violations? It is often unexpected and frustrating when you receive notice that your property has a code violation and that, if it’s not fixed, you’re going to receive a fine. We know what this is like. At RIDE Property Solutions, we’ve bought a lot of properties in Utah County with … Continued

What does it mean

At RIDE Property Solutions, we talk a lot about how we can buy your home “as is”… But what exactly do we mean by that? Here’s what we mean: We will buy your home in its CURRENT CONDITION:  – Whether it needs repairs, is outdated, or even if it’s in perfect condition, we will make … Continued

Want to sell multiple properties?

Trying to off-load multiple properties in Utah County? Coordinating that — and selling the properties as fast as you’d like — can be a real pain. You could sell each property through a real estate agent. But then you’re at the mercy of the housing market. And you’re not going to get as much money … Continued

Questions to ask before selling your home

Thinking of selling your home? Here are 8 questions that every homeowner needs to ask themselves before selling… 1. What is your reason for selling? Are you looking to move out of state? Need to downsize or upsize? Wanting to invest in a new property? 2. How much is the home worth? You might want … Continued

House purchase fall through?

Did the purchase of your home fall through? Nothing is quite as frustrating. And there are a lot of different things that might cause that to happen.  The home might not appraise for the purchase price, there could be issues with the title, or the buyer could back out of the sale. What are you … Continued

Core Values

Considering selling your home to a professional cash buyer? As with every industry, there are *good* cash buyers… and there are *not so good* cash buyers. Do your research before deciding on working with a particular cash buyer. Check reviews. Call and ask questions. And ask for referrals. At RIDE Property Solutions, we’ve been buying … Continued

How long does probate take?

Going through the probate process? That can feel like the dark pathway of paperwork that never ends… In fact, the American Bar Association places the average probate process (from start to finish) to last six to nine months. In rare cases, though, it can last as long as two years. Other times, it can be … Continued

Selling your home but struggling to find a buyer?

Selling your home but struggling to find a buyer? We get it. At RIDE Property Solutions, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners sell their homes quickly for a fair cash price… homeowners who were previously struggling to get interest from traditional buyers. We can help you, too! In fact, here are some signs that suggest … Continued

Cheap Home Repairs

As we’ve talked about before, repairing a home can cost TONS of money… Often, upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. BUT… There’s some really simple stuff you can do to maintain appliances and HVAC systems in your home so that there aren’t big costly repairs to be made (at least, not as often). Here’s … Continued

Have a dust mite allergy?

Have a dust mite allergy? Symptoms include… Sneezing Coughing Runny nose Stuffy nose Watery eyes Itchy eyes Itchy throat Itchy skin Chest pain We’ve seen a lot of properties in our time buying and selling real estate in Utah County… and virtually all of them have dust mites (it’s just a matter of how many). … Continued

Selling your house?

Selling your house? Wondering what to fix before listing the home for sale? Obviously, not all repairs are as important as others — so it’s important to set priorities and make the most critical repairs first. If you’re dead-set on selling your home the TRADITIONAL WAY… here are some repairs we recommend starting with… 1st … Continued

Want to sell a house with a cracked foundation?

Want to sell a house with a cracked foundation? You might be worried that you won’t be able to sell… but the good news is that you CAN (so long as the cracked foundation is disclosed to the buyer and they agree to purchase it “as is”). But… just how bad is the damage? That … Continued